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Event on 26-27 Feb 2022

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Mudra Meditation

the festival

Khamrubu is a platform where you have always wanted to be with your team and with your product. At Khamrubu an artist get the due respect and return of their hard work what they had been looking and imagining for their creativity. Film making is a unanimous effort of each individual including various departments associated with it. We at Khamrubu want to hunt and extract that talent in you and award you and your team for combined hard work.

Join us in the grand celebration of filmmakers around the world with hundreds of films to be screened, discussed and talked. Share your experiences and the challenges that you have faced while developing your product as your child.

the name khamrubu

Kamrup is an ancient name of Assam, it used to be a Dynasty of Kirat Community in those days. At present Kirat community of India is known as Bodo Kachari community. According to oral history (Jana shruti - जनश्रुति), Bodo people still remember this Kamrup as Khamrubu. Kamrup is famous for it's Kamrup Kamakhya Temple is also a Shakti Peeth (शक्ति पीठ), located on top of the Nilanchal Hill, adjacent to the Brahmaputra River. There are total 51 Shakti Peeth (शक्ति पीठ) in Asia, this is one of the Shakti Peeth (शक्ति पीठ) in India.

Written-unwritten, known-unknown, told-untold, seen-unseen, heard-unheard, faith and mistrust, contained by uncountable numbers of such history this Kamrup or Khamrubu is a History in itself.

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Khamrubu International Short Film Festival - Result Announcement 2021

Meet The Team

Business Meeting

Anamika Basumatary
Festival Director

Nishant Balgovind

Festival Coordinator

Every story has an ending but in real life, every end brings a new beginning.

If you are ready with your project, then we are ready to give you your platform.


Nilamani Kalita

Film Submission

You give me the dates and schedule, and you will get a lifetime experience.

Alfred Basumatary

Event Management

You need proper management to execute any event smoothly and flawlessly


Abinash Narzary


You can entertain anyone if you have the proper content according to the audience

Dwihung 2.jpg

Dwihung Brahma

Screening Tech.

Festivals are the place where one should not be in any boundaries.


George Brahma

Development Director

Every project can be financed, you need a proper budget and excellent presentation.


Gaurav Tripathi

Artistic Director

There is an Artist in everyone, you just need to explore yourself.


Amit Sinha
Marketing Director

To know the people you need to meet the people.

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and we did it...

1st Khamrubu International Short Film Festival

We are delighted to announce that we have successfully concluded the 1st Khamrubu International Short Film Festival Event on 23rd and 24th June 2021, in a very compact way, with only crew members following the norms issued by Government of India and Government of Assam. , as we were not allowed to have the mass gathering for this event. Total 36 awards in different categories and sections have been awarded to more then 21 Short Films across the world.

The list can be found in Award Section.


Director KM Taj-Biul Hasan.jpg

It is a very high standard festival so far my  concern.
I wish all the success of the next festival.

KM Taj-Biul Hasan
Award Winner

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